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Shri Nathji’s lectures at the Rialto Theatre in Mussoorie would draw people from all walks of life. The lawyers and judges vacationing in the hills would find Shri Nathji’s sermons to be a great intellectual and spiritual feast. His words entered their hearts through their brains and hearts.
Word had spread everywhere, especially amongst the intellectuals, lawyers and judges, that Shri Nathji’s sermons were so full of irrefutable logic and so perfect intellectually that the best brains in the world could accept them.
It was a miracle that even the women and children in his audiences could understand every word of what he was saying, along with the intellectual elite. It was the first time that such a phenomenon had been witnessed in the world. And this was apart from the feeling of Divine Love and Bliss that permeated through each and every word that he said, which took his audiences above space and time and relieved them of all their fears and worries.
Shri Nathji used to say: There are some whose hearts I enter into directly. But there are others whose brains stand in the way of their hearts. Therefore I enter into their brains first, and then burrow a tunnel into their hearts! The children understand me through their hearts, while the adults understand me through their intellects. One plus one is equal to two. Say that to a child and he will agree, and say it to a Ph.D in Mathematics, and he too will agree! Truth is that which is universally acceptable to all!
People who had heard Shri Nathji speak even once in their whole lives had never forgotten him. There was a time when a dance function had been organised at the Hakman’s Hotel in Mussoorie, at the same time that Shri Nathji was delivering a lecture at the Rialto Theatre. No sooner had word spread that Shri Nathji was speaking at the Rialto Theatre than people forgot the dance function at the Hakman’s Hotel, and rushed to the Rialto to listen to Shri Nathji’s words!