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There was a time when Shri Nathji developed stomach trouble be­cause of frequent feedings of cocoa by his faithful attendant, Basant Singh. The latter had become so fond of cocoa that he would prepare it every few hours and give it to Shri Nathji, taking a cup himself, in the process! Justice
Rangilal, who was always very concerned about Shri Nathji’s health, and who found himself always at loggerheads with his attendants, instantly probed into Shri Nathji’s diet, and identified cocoa as the culprit–or rather, Basant Singh.
Basant Singhji, he said chiding the loyal attendant in chaste Punjabi, Saade pyo daade ne vi kadi ainnee cocoa peeteesee? Did our fathers or grandfathers ever drink so much of cocoa in their entire life-times?
Shri Nathji would laugh very heartily whenever he recounted these episodes, and those around him would find themselves in bliss. It was a joyous moment when Shri Nathji laughed. The world was filled with greater happiness.
When Shri Nathji fell ill in Mussoorie at Kahkashan due to negligence in cooking, Justice Rangilal, who was an old man, ran to the bazaar and procured the medicine, Amrit Dhaaraa, which he administered to Shri Nathji three times a day–visiting Shri Nathji three times a day in the process, because he wouldn’t trust any of Shri Nathji’s attendants to give the medicine in time!
Such was the great love Shri Nathji inspired in the elderly judge.