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Sardar Sohan Singh was another Sikh devotee who also served as a personal attendant to Shri Nathji and who had full faith that Shri Nathji was the Kalki Avatar. Sardar Sohan Singh would often refer to his aging, white beard and say that he would be the white horse on which the Kalki Avatar would ride forth whenever he manifested himself before the world in his Divine Form. Every devotee had his own peculiar definition of his relationship with Shri Nathji, but on one thing they were all agreed that Shri Nathji was the avatar of the age.
Sardar Sohan Singh knew of Shri Nathji’s weakness–that Shri Nathji could not bear to see anyone in pain and that he would take upon himself the sufferings of others. This had happened so frequently that it had become a confirmed fact. Once Sardar Sohan Singh disappeared from Shri Nathji’s residence for four days. When Shri Nathji asked him where he had been, he replied: I had a fever. I didn’t want to tell you about it, because you would have taken the fever upon yourself to cure me! Therefore, I thought it best to remain away from you till the fever was gone. And here I am now!
It was not only Shri Nathji who loved his devotees, they loved him, too, like a son loves a father. The love and affection his Sikh attendants gave him was amazing. Both, Basant Singh and Sohan Singh, belonged to respectable families and were reasonably well-educated. Theirs was not an adoration of the blind.
Once, when Shri Nathji had gone to bathe at Hardwar and was emerging from the waters in the hot afternoon sun, Sohan Singh cast his own shadow on Shri Nathji as a protective umbrella! Sohan Singh would frequently tell people that to obtain Divine Grace, adab, reverence and respect for the Master was essential. It was part of a spiritual discipline.
He followed such a discipline punctiliously himself. There was the time in 1937 when he had come to see Shri Nathji off at Lahore Railway Station. A large crowd had gathered. Upon a sudden impulse, Shri Nathji said to Sohan Singh, Sohan Singhji come with me. The faithful Sardar jumped into the train with only the shirt on his back. Shri Nathji was on his way to Calcutta.
He was later to make history for Shri Nathji, for had it not been for a swift act on his part in the train, a certain Mr. and Mrs. Bhutt would not have entered into Shri Nathji’s life to the extent they did.
You are so beautiful, Huzoor, said Sohan Singh, that everyone feels like embracing you!
Sohan Singh once jokingly said to Shri Nathji: “Huzoor, do you know why you treat us with so much love? You must be afraid that, bedaam ghulaam – unsalaried slaves as we are – we might run away!”
Shri Nathji, who was never lacking in humour, instantly replied: “ I am not afraid that you might run away – I am afraid you might run away with the advance I have given you! Mujhe dar hai kaheen meri peshgeeyaan lekar na bhag jaaayen!”
Shri Nathji was referring to the spiritual wealth he had stored in their hearts.
Once, he gave Shri Nathji unusually frequent helpings of fruit-juice, which affected Shri Nathji’s stomach adversely. Sohan Singh was terribly depressed at his mistake and kept a day and night vigil over Shri Nathji for weeks. It was an ideal devotion.
Sohan Singh used to say to Shri Nathji: Huzoor-do you know why you perspire so profusely during some of your sermons? It is because you pour out your very soul into the people!
Sardar Sohan Singh had but one request to make of Shri Nathji! Give me but one sip from your nectar of Eternal Life!