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It was also at Shri Nathji’s birthday celebrations at Shadi Bhavan that the divine grace of Shri Nathji went out to Maharaja Panna who was amongst the guests invited. He was sitting in the midst of other Rajas and Maharajas as well as others in Mussoorie who knew him well.
Shri Nathji was always seeking an excuse for his Grace to flow out towards people, and would always say:
Raihmate Haq bahaa naami joyad
Raihmate Haq bahaanaa mi joyad
The Grace of God does not seek a price,
The Grace of God seeks an excuse
The function was just about to begin. Shri Nathji was seated upon his wooden sofa chair, and wished to move it closer to the gathering.
He was looking for some servant or devotee who would move the chair for him, but did not wish to call out to anyone.
Maharaja Panna who had been seated on the ground close to Shri Nathji, sensed what Shri Nathji wanted, and he immediately got up and lifted the sofa chair with his own hands and placed it where Shri Nathji had wanted.
Shri Nathji was greatly pleased with the Maharaja. He had done something that would have been considered demeaning by most Maharajas of the time, moving furniture in the manner a servant would have done. The Maharajas were accustomed to a large retinue of servants that attended to their needs and would never stoop to performing tasks they would consider to be menial.
Shri Nathji never forgot the abject humility of the Maharaja on that summer evening on the 23rd of June 1945 when Maharaja Panna had come forth to lift up his chair.
Shri Nathji had a photograph of himself taken in that wooden sofa chair at Shadi Bhavan and later autographed it: With Blessings to Maharaja Panna. For some reason the portrait remained with Shri Nathji amongst his papers all his life, and was not sent to Maharaja Panna. Perhaps Shri Nathji did not send the portrait because the portrait reminded him of Maharaja Panna and that grace-filled day of June at Shadi Bhavan.
Maharani Padmini Kaur of Rajpipla, who was the sister of Maharaja Panna, had a great devotion for Shri Nathji and always yearned for his darshan and blessings. Her residence in Mussoorie was below the Mall Road and was known as Rajpipla House. In subsequent years it came to be known as Padmini Niwas.
In 1950, when the Maharaja and his sister Maharani Padmini Kaur of Rajpipla invited Shri Nathji to their residence at Rajpipla House at Mussoorie, Shri Nathji gladly accepted the invitation. Shri Nathji rarely if ever went out to any person’s home, but he had been so overwhelmed by the Maharaja’s gesture in 1945 at Shadi Bhavan that he consented to go at once.