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Shri Nathji had never believed in collecting large crowds around himself. Although there were occasions where thousands came for his darshan whenever he went out to give his light to humanity, yet he preferred the solitude of personal meetings with people, which brought his divinity and love to the fore, and which would remain as parables of the highest order to show the path to humanity in the days to come.
Lord Rama and Lord Krishna interacted with only a few people and created histories that revolved around these meetings–Hanuman, Sugreev, Bhilni, Kewat, Arjuna, Radheji, Draupadi. In a like manner Lord Christ had only twelve disciples and interacted with only a few people giving rise to immortal histories.
All the Great Saviours of mankind that came upon earth created living spiritual histories through personal meetings with only a small number of individuals. Today the entire world reads of these meetings and derives comfort and solace from them.