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Since Shri Nathji never took any help from the Rajas and Maharajas and Seths that came to him, he had only the Bhutts, and the Kasera Brothers, and Mateshwari, as the financial resources most of the time, apart from any sudden or voluntary gift sent by a devotee, which would arrive miraculously at the right time whenever it was needed most.
Shri Nathji needed about thirteen thousand rupees more to be able to purchase the outhouses. Neither the Bhutts nor the Kasera brothers seemed to have the amount at the time. Shri Nathji did not wish to ask Lala Hargopal who had already spent a large amount at Mussoorie.
Shri Nathji’s devotee, Sahadeva Tayal, had also come to Mussoorie upon hearing of the revolver episode. He was with Shri Nathji at the time. Although he had no financial means of subsistence himself, he offered to get the money from his home town, Hissar, if he could sell a piece of land he had there. He took Shri Nathji’s permission and left. It was a patch of land that had remained unsold for many years in the past. However a miracle occurred. The very day that Sahadeva reached his home at Hissar, he found a man interested in buying the land. Sahadeva asked for Rs.13,000 as earnest money. The man paid it readily. Sahadeva rushed to Mussoorie with the amount, and the outhouses were finally purchased by Mateshwari.
Sahadeva was to say in later years:
“It was all Shri Nathji’s leela – his miracle. He wished to give me credit for the sewa. It was he, himself, who had appeared in the form of the buyer of the land. The man paid me thirteen thousand as earnest money and disappeared completely! He never showed up again! The land continued to be mine!”