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Shri Nathji would dutifully dissolve a white powder, known as Sanatogen, into water, and make out a tasty wholesome drink for the boys and also for himself every night. He would explain how the water had to be poured into the powder while stirring all the while so that it would not coagulate into lumps, and fascinate the children by showing how it was done until a clear milk like liquid was obtained. Shri Nathji looked just like a scientist stirring a mysterious liquid in his laboratory while stirring Sanatogen in a glass in his bedroom at St. Andrews, while the boys watched him in fascination. Later the children would try to imitate him, with uncertain results, and always come out with lumps in the final concoction. Sanatogen was supposed to be a brain tonic and Shri Nathji had a high word of praise for it.
A German doctor had told Shri Nathji about the tonic which was in the form of a powder, and Shri Nathji had been using it for years saying:
“Judges bhee iss tonic ko brain work ke liye lete hain! Even Judges use the tonic for their heavy brain work.”
Although medical science had not advanced sufficiently at that time to know of the reason for the efficacy of Sanatogen, research done many years later revealed that Shri Nathji had been right. Sanatogen was good for the brain because it was a protein powder containing all the essential amino acids, which were necessary for a regeneration of the brain cells.
Apart from Sanatogen, Shri Nathji would be constantly experimenting with Horlicks and Ovaltine and Cocoa, which he took himself and gave to Mateshwari and the children with diligence. 
During those days in Mussoorie, Shri Nathji kept with himself Amrit Dhaaraa, which was supposed to be a universal panacea for all aches, pains and ills, and a hot water bottle in the house.
Whenever either the children or Mateshwari were ill, Shri Nathji would give them a drop or two of the highly pungent liquid on a teaspoonful of sugar–and it would invariably work, perhaps because it was given by the hands of Shri Nathji. There were times when Mateshwari would be ill, and Shri Nathji would be seen preparing a hot water bottle for her as the only treatment in the house.
Since medical aid was all but absent in Mussoorie, Shri Nathji had to make do with an occasional miracle every now and then. Miracles attended everything that he did, big or small, from the most profound of events to the most trivial, but these occurred spontaneously without his willing them to occur. Actually his whole life was a miracle.
The miracles that accompanied Shri Nathji’s life were described by the Urdu Verse, which Shri Nathji often quoted:

Har har kadam pe uske hai ijaaze Eesvee
Raftaar iss paree ki naazo adaa ki hai

The miracles of Christ drop along every step that he takes,
The gait of this fairy-faced One is that of Glory alone