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With the approach of winter, Shri Nathji and Mateshwari considered moving to the plains. Mateshwari wrote a letter to Mrs. Jetley, the wife of the police officer, B.B.S. Jetley who was very devoted to Shri Nathji. Mrs. Jetley wrote back:

“My Dear Mateshwari,
Please convey our respectful pranaams to Shri Maharajji and accept the same yourself. I have to inform you that with the Blessings of Shri Maharajji, my husband, Shri Jetley, has become the D.I.G Deputy Inspector General of U.P. This is all due to the Divine Grace of Shri Maharajji who protects us each and every moment of our lives. The disturbances of partition led to a great loss of life and property but all our family members are safe and sound due to the protecting power of Shri Maharajji.
It shall give us great happiness if you decide to come to Meerut and stay with us. Consider this your own house and please let me know when you would be coming.
Mrs. Jetley”

Shri B.B.S. Jetley was a police officer, who had great faith in Shri Nathji and always sought his blessings for his career in life. During earlier days, when Shri Nathji was at Shadi Bhavan, Mussoorie, Jetley had been promoted to the post of Superintendent of Police, and transferred to Mussoorie.
Jetley had become so busy in his work that he had not found time to visit Shri Nathji and to pay his respects to him. While he was in Mussoorie, he fell ill, and the illness took on a very serious turn. He was to be taken to Lucknow for treatment. Jetley’s conscience would not forgive him for not seeing Shri Nathji. He sent an urgent message to Shri Nathji, praying for his darshan and blessings and telling him he was seriously ill.
Shri Nathji immediately hired a rickshaw and proceeded to Mr. Jetley’s house. Shri Roop Kishore, the famous artist and painter of Mussoorie, was with Shri Nathji at the time. On the way to Jetley’s house, Shri Nathji pointed at the stars, and said to Shri Roop Kishore:
“Look up at the skies! The clouds are clearing!
By the time they reached Jetley’s house, Jetley’s fever had subsided by itself and he was already feeling better. Shri Nathji spoke a little and gave his blessings to Mr. and Mrs. Jetley. An apple was served to Shri Nathji, and Shri Nathji–as was his usual courtesy–gave a piece of it to Mr. Jetley as ‘prasaad’, a divine offering.
Mrs. Jetley inter­posed: Maharaj! Jetley Sahib is not supposed to take solid food. The doctors have forbidden it!
But before Shri Nathji could take the piece back from Mr. Jetley, the latter said: This is `prasaad’, it is sacred. I must take it. It will cure me!
And he ate the piece of apple. Shri Nathji offered a piece to Mrs. Jetley as well, and then took his leave. It was the measure of Mr. Jetley’s faith in Shri Nathji that he took what would have been considered a risk by many.