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“There are three kinds of thirst. Let us take the example of a person sleeping. He is awakened by a feeling of thirst. It is a cold winter night. He hesitates to get out of the quilt on his bed to go to the kitchen for water. He leaves the quilt in its place and goes to sleep again.
Very soon the thirst becomes greater. The man sits up in bed and begins to set the quilt aside to go to the kitchen. But the cold makes him shrink inside his bed again. The thirst is great but not great enough to make him face the cold.
Then comes a stage when the thirst is so intense that it has to be satiated at any cost. The man throws aside his quilt, and rushes to the kitchen unmindful of the cold. He does not rest till his thirst has been satiated.
These are the different stages of the spiritual thirst for God. It is only in the third stage that man can find absolute and total fulfilment!”