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Those were the days when Sardar Harbhajan Singh Chopra had been eagerly waiting for Shri Nathji to come to Allahabad for the winter. He, and other devotees, amongst which was Shri Jai Shanker Bajpai, had even arranged for the birthday celebrations of Shri Babaji Maharaj to be held at Allahabad. A large number of persons had come together to welcome Shri Nathji to Allahabad.
However, that was not to be, and Shri Nathji did not go to Allahabad in 1952. The devotees’ feelings could be expressed in the verse of Ghalib, which Shri Nathji used at times:

Tere vaade par jeeye ham to ye jaan jhoot jaanaa
Ke khushi se mar na jaate agar aitbaar hotaa

We lived on Thy promises knowing them to be false,
For would we not have died with joy, if we had believed them to be true!