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It was at this time that Shri Nathji received a very nasty latter from Reverend W. J. Biggs, principal of Allen Memorial. In the letter Biggs said to Shri Nathji:
“Both the principals, Mr. Manley and I, have been deceived!” 
He was protesting against the sudden withdrawal of Pran Nath and Priya Nath from Allen Memorial, especially when Shri Nathji had sent a telegram to him to reserve seats for the boys.
Biggs also sent a bill for the rental of the books for one whole year and other miscellaneous items, which he said had become due because of the loss caused to the school by the withdrawal of the boys.
The tone of Biggs’ letter was rude and intemperate. He had even forgotten his friendship with Shri Nathji and the respect he always had for him.
Shri Nathji immediately wrote a very polite and loving letter to Biggs in which he said, amongst other things:
“Your anger at the boys leaving your school reveals your great love for them. It is like a storm in an ocean of Love.”
Shri Nathji also told him that he was willing to pay any damages that might be due to him for any loss caused to the school.
Shri Nathji narrated but briefly the torment the boys had undergone at Allen at the hands of the seniors and teachers there, and of his concern for their mental and physical health and safety which had led him to change the school.
Biggs was so touched by Shri Nathji’s loving letter that he at once relented and wrote to Shri Nathji, apologising for the outburst of his previous letter.
Biggs had realised that Shri Nathji followed the precepts laid down in the Christian Bible more scrupulously than even the Christians, and that he had returned love for hatred. Biggs was always thereafter to have a large place in his heart for Shri Nathji, who he recognised to be more Christian than the Christians! Such was the impact of Shri Nathji’s personality on people, that all saw in him the highest tenets of their own faiths.
In his earlier fit of rage, Biggs had also written a letter to Manley to prevent him from giving admission to the boys. However by the time that Manley received his letter, the boys had already started attending his school!
Manley wrote to Shri Nathji:
“I have received a letter from Mr. Biggs telling me that you had sent him a telegram to reserve seats for the boys at his school, while you had been seeking their admission at Vincent Hill. However, just as I was about to reply to his letter, I saw Mr. Huntley come to the school bringing the boys to their classes here. I presume that brings the matter to a close as they have been given admission here. I hope you will submit their school leaving certificates from Allen within a month.”
Over a period of time, Manley began to develop greater and greater respect for Shri Nathji and the boys. The Hindi teacher at the school, a certain Mr. Thomas, would always say:
“Look how politely Priya’s father meets people. He is so full of love that he embraces people when he greets them. He gives such great happiness to everyone!”
Whenever Manley and other Seventh Day Adventist pastors would come to Shri Nathji for donations for the school, Shri Nathji would speak to them with a divine glow on his face and they would say to him:
“Swamiji, your house is built on a rock!”
Meaning thereby that he was one amongst those who were “saved” in the Christian sense of the word. They would look at his 1938 portrait in the drawing room of Savitri Nivas and say to the boys:
“Your father is a very handsome man!”
Priya Nath would always come first in Bible Class and this so impressed the Bible teacher that he complimented Priya Nath for his knowledge of the Seventh Day Adventist scriptures, and for a while thought that he was a Seventh Day Adventist himself!
Shri Nathji had been immersing himself in the education of the boys, and at the same time been attending to the devotees all over the country through letters and articles which he typed painstakingly with one finger, despite the pain in his right arm. No other person could have borne the pain of typing with the very arm in which an injury was located.