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There was Shri Mussadi Lal, a relative of Shri Ram Lal of Akola, who saw God in Shri Nathji the moment he came before him. He had earlier heard of the miracle of Narayan Lal’s leg and the conversion of Ram Lal, but had been a sceptic.
The impact that Shri Nathji’s personality had upon him was beyond belief. He turned into a believer at first sight and prayed to Shri Nathji to grace his home in the city. Shri Nathji went there, where he had called together all his friends and neighbours for the darshan and blessings of Shri Nathji. It was the last home that Shri Nathji visited in Delhi before he finally returned to Mussoorie.
Since the drawing room at 31/22 East Patel Nagar was small, people came in small groups at different times and irregular hours, and Shri Nathji found himself speaking to them practically the whole day long, till late hours in the night. The only rest and recreation that he got was from the occasional trips with Mateshwari and the children to Connaught Place and India Gate in the car. Yet the exertion was worsening the condition of his arm and it was imperative that he return to the cool climate of Mussoorie again, which had cured the arm of its affliction in the past.