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It was Shivratri – the birthday of Shiva, Lord Shankar. A most unusual scene was witnessed by the devotees present on the occasion at 40, Lodhi Road. Shri Nathji was sitting in his armchair in the main hall of the house. The devotees, including the Bhutts, were sitting before him.
Shri Sohan Lal Khosla, the old devotee from Lahore, had composed a song, which he had reserved for Shri Nathji’s birthdays. He began singing the song on Shivrati as a homage to Lord Shankar Bhole Nath, who was sitting before them as Shri Nathji. It was not a coincidence that Lord Shankar was also known as Bhole Nath.
For the devotees of Shri Nathji, Shivratri was a special day–another birthday of their Lord and Master, Bhola Nath. Ram Naavmi, the Birthday of Lord Rama, and Janmaashtmi, the birthday of Lord Krishna were also special days for the devotees. Shri Nathji had been born on earth as Rama and Krishna in the ages past. Time would come when the world would celebrate June 23 as the day the Nishkalank Avatar was born on earth, in the twentieth century.
On Shivratri, Sohan Lal Khosla got up and began singing the bhajan he had composed on Shri Nathji:

Aaj Prabhuji kaa Janam Divas hai
Aao naachen raas men

Today is the Birthday of our Lord
Let us dance together in unison

Vishnu naache, Brahma naache
Shiv naache Kailash men

Vishnu is dancing, Brahma is dancing,
Shiv is dancing in Kailash!

Dev Lok se devtaa aaye
Apne Prabhuji ke paas men

The angels have come from their abode
To be close to their Prabhuji

Sooraj naache chandaa naache
Taare naachen raas men

The sun is dancing, the moon is dancing,
The stars are dancing together in unison

On that particular occasion, whilst his devotees were dancing in front of him, Shri Nathji was filled with a divine movement. It was as if the song of his devotees had reached his Real Inner Self.
Suddenly, he got up from his chair, his eyes still closed, and, joining hands with his devotees, began dancing! Round and round they went in a circle their hands clasped together. Shri Nathji was vibrating with divine energy and each step that he took in his dance appeared to be a mighty leap. It was an unforgettable sight. Lord Shankar had come down to earth and was dancing in the midst of mortals. It was a dance of joy. The Unlimited Ocean had been moved, and its waves swaying in all directions.
Those who were present on the occasion never forgot the sight of the Divine Dance of Shri Nathji. It was the first time that anyone had ever seen him dance.