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After Shri Nathji would finish his sermon, the Aarti would be dutifully performed by Shri Bhutt and Mrs. Bhutt who were the hosts, while the rest of the devotees would stand and sing it with them.
Shri Nathji and Mateshwari would stand before them and the devotees would wave the Aarti thaali in front of them. The Aarti sung most frequently during those days was the traditional Aarti in which the devotees would replace the word Jagdish with Shri Nathji:

“Om jai Shri Nathji Hare
Om Jai Shri Nath Hare”

On one such occasion, Bhutt Sahib began the Aarti when Mateshwari had not yet come into the hall.
Shri Nathji could not bear the slight to Mateshwari, and immediately said in a voice that was like thunder from the heavens:

“Bhutt Sahib! Stop this Arti! It is incomplete! Bhutt Sahib! Apoorna Aarti! Isse band karo!”

Bhutt Sahib trembled at the divine voice, and was about to collapse, when Shri Nathji immediately caught him by the arm.
After Shri Nathji had soothed his feelings, with his Infinite capacity for giving Love, he said to him:
“Bhutt Sahib, if you cannot bear it, then I shall never be angry with you again!

“Bhutt Sahib, aage se main aapko kabhi naaraaz naheen hoongaa!”

And Bhutt replied:
“By all means be angry with me! But also give me the strength to bear thy wrath!

“Prabhuji, zaroor naaraaz huaa karen, magar saath saath bardaasht ki taakat bhee den!”

Shri Nathji had frequently said:
“It is the voice of a devotee: ‘O Lord, either love me or be harsh with me. But never let me see the day when Thou will neither love me nor be harsh with me! That would mean the severing of all relationships!”

“Bhakt ki aavaaz hai: ‘He Prabhu! Yaa to mujhe pyaar karo, aur yaa phir mujhe maaro. Magar vo din kabhi mat laanaa jab pyaar aur maar donon hee chhorr denaa!”