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Shri Nathji would often say:
“What is it that you can give to God?  It is said that you must offer your tan-man- dhan–body, mind, and wealth– to Him. But let me tell you that you cannot offer these things to him!
Your ‘tan’, your body, is not your own. It belongs to your parents who have a right over it, it belongs to your wife and children who have a right over it, it belongs to your office which has a right over it. You cannot offer to God something that does not belong to you! Therefore you cannot offer your ‘tan’, body, to him.
Next comes your ‘man’, your mind. You cannot offer your mind to God because you do not have any control over it. Do you know what thought is going to come next into your mind? No. Your mind is like a runaway horse which is carrying you whither it willst. You have no control over it. Therefore how can you offer it to God!
Finally there is ‘dhan’, wealth. What wealth can you offer to Him who has created all the wealth of the world?
Therefore, you cannot offer him even wealth as He has the wealth of the world with Him.
You might say in the end that you can offer him your life – your ‘jaan’. However the answer to that is given in the verse below:

Jaan dee, dee huyi ussee ki thhee
Haq to ye ke haq adaa na huaa

I gave up my life–but it had been given by Him!
Alas! My only claim is that I could not repay Him