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While Shri Nathji was at 31/22 East Patel Nagar, ominous signs of pain began to develop in his right arm. He was advised an X Ray by the doctor and he went along with Rajinder Kohli to the X Ray Clinic.
As the X Ray technician touched Shri Nathji’s arm, Shri Nathji winced with the pain. The effect was so great on Rajinder Kohli that he almost collapsed in a faint.
Shri Nathji never forgot this incident and related it again and again to others as also to Rajinder in the years to come. It was a measure of the extent of love that Shri Nathji’s devotees had for him.
Shri Nathji’s history would consist not of the multitudes that he addressed, but of the individual stories of love and devotion with a few.
The X Ray was not very encouraging. The signs of the old disease, which had been latent since 1945 and 1949 had begun to manifest themselves again. Shri Nathji could barely move the arm or write with it without insufferable pain.
And yet he did not make this pain known to those who came to him. He went on speaking for hours daily to all who came to him, relieving them of their sorrows and sufferings and giving them peace of mind, and a happiness that they could not find anywhere else in the world.