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There was a king who had a very able prime minister–Vazeer– to whom he had entrusted all the affairs of his kingdom. The prime minister had become the right hand man of the king, and the king could not do without him. As the king and the minister frequently entered into discussions and casual conversation, the minister began to take liberties.
One day the minister made some suggestion to the king regarding the affairs of the kingdom. The king thought the suggestion was outrageous. And he said to the minister: “Vazeer Sahib, aapkaa dimaag to thheek hai? Mr. Prime Minister, is your brain all right?”
“Meraa to thheek hai!” replied the prime minister, “Mine is all right!” thereby implying that it was the king whose brain was not in order.
The king was so annoyed at this impertinence that he dismissed the prime minister at once. Subsequently he gave the seat of the prime minister to a very ordinary man who he picked from the streets. The man proved to be an even better administrator than the first prime minister.
Thus it is that God does not tolerate impertinence–“be-adbee”. If He has given an exalted status to any devotee, the devotee must never forget himself and become irreverent or flippant. God will surely dismiss him and give an exalted status to whosoever else He chooses, even if it be the least of his devotees.