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The 23rd of June came at Savitri Nivas with its usual splendour and glory. The birthday cards from 1950 had been carrying the names of Pran Nath and Priya Nath as the hosts inviting the devotees for the function. Before that they had carried the name of Mateshwari as the hostess: “Her Holiness Savitri Devi”. Now that the boys had become older Mateshwari thought it fit to show them as the hosts.
Shri Nathji appeared to have oriented his life style in accordance with the children’s education. Shri Nathji needed some excuse to move from place to place and to interact with people, and the children were doing that very well for him.
Mateshwari was well enough to attend the function and to sing her bhajan at the end of it as usual. She always appeared to get well at the time of the function, and was invariably ill afterwards.