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Shri Nathji used to relate the episode of the two brothers in Punjab whose father had a large amount of wealth. Immediately after the death of the father, the question of dividing the wealth arose. The elder brother began to squabble over details. The younger brother, Munshi Kanhiyalal Alakdhari, who was spiritually inclined, became disgusted with the pettiness of squabbling over material possessions.
He said to his elder brother: All right–you keep everything! Take my share of the wealth as well! I would rather give it away than quarrel with you over it!
And saying this, he went away.

The elder brother was stricken by his conscience after a few days, and came to Munshi Kanhiyalal.
Here, you keep both the shares, mine as well as yours! he said with an air of generosity. The younger brother refused, and the elder said, If you won’t take mine, at least let me return yours!

And Shri Munshi Kanhiyalal replied: No. I cannot take back what I have given away! Only a dog will eat his own vomit!

Shri Babaji Maharaj and Shri Nathji were fond of reading the articles and books Munshi Kanhiyalal wrote. He is a righteous man! Shri Babaji would say of Munshi Kanhiyalal.

Once Shri Munshi Kanhiyalal ran short of oil for his lamp. He had a bottle of perfume with him. He poured it into the lamp, and lit it. The fragrance of the perfume spread everywhere. A neighbour came in and was surprised. For the cost of that perfume you could have purchased a gallon of oil! he said.

True! said Munshi Kanhiyalal, taking in the exhilarating fragrance, but what a night!

As was to be expected, his indifference to material possessions got him into financial difficulties.
Munshiji, said a friend of his, what do you do for your next meal? You don’t seem to be earning anything!

And Munshi Kanhiyalal replied: He, who has given me this mill of thirty two teeth, will surely provide me the grain for grinding!