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The monsoon season in Mussoorie was well known for the incessant rain that fell heavily on the tin roof of Savitri Nivas, producing a rattle that was frightening.
The rains were so heavy that not even birds or animals could move out. In such weather it was fairly nearly impossible for any person to leave his home.
Mateshwari’s condition had worsened in the damp weather, where the sun was not visible for days on end, and the pall of mist hung over the city bringing with it a despairing gloom.
No doctor would ever come to the house in such inclement weather, even if called under urgent circumstances, and, therefore, Mateshwari had to endure the worst of her illness without medical aid.
There was only Shri Nathji with the hot water bottle or drops of Coramine or Amrit Dhara.
The rolling of the thunder and the dark evening skies only added to the prevailing gloom. Mateshwari was virtually risking her life by living in Mussoorie. However, she, as well as Shri Nathji, were willing to take this risk for the education of the children.