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And Shri Nathji gave the parable of the snake that was caught by a hunter in a net. The more the snake struggled to get out of the net, the more it hurt itself. Realising that struggling against his fate was only causing him greater misery, the snake lay down quietly. Very shortly, a rat ate away at the strands of the net and entered within it.
The snake saw the rat come in through a hole in the net. Providence had given him food as well as an avenue of escape. He ate the rat, and escaped through the hole! Such, indeed, are the fruits of contentment.
People frequently thought of contentment as a stagnation, a halting of progress, but Shri Nathji gave it a beautiful meaning, he made contentment come alive, become a means to greater peace and prosperity!
Shri Nathji told a beautiful parable on the theme of contentment that used a mathematical model. The explanation was so simple that even the best of intellectuals were touched, and even a child could understand it.