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Shri Nathji returned to Allahabad again in July 1961. This time Chaman Lal Magoo had found suitable rented accommodation for him in an area known as Darbhanga Castle. The number of the house was 41, and Shri Nathji’s address of that period remained as 41, Darbhanga Castle, Allahabad. It was located in a fairly neat and clean colony close to Alfred Park.
It was the first time since Shri Nathji had come to Allahabad that he was able to live in peace in a rented house. The place had four rooms, which were adequate for Shri Nathji and his family. The neighbours were mostly Bengalis and intellectuals who remained busy in their own lives and seldom disturbed Shri Nathji. Here Shri Nathji was able to find time for his favourite pastime, that of writing, and penning down divine revelations.
There was a music teacher, Shri Majumdar, in the house across the road, where Priya Nath went to practise his guitar. The man came for Shri Nathji’s darshan once and was so touched by the impact of Shri Nathji’s divine glow that he remained silent for a long time as if lost in the depths of his own soul. He later played the guitar at the birthday of Shri Babaji Maharaj, which Shri Nathji celebrated at Allahabad.
As a matter of fact Shri Nathji had been celebrating the birthdays of Shri Babaji Maharaj no matter where he had been at Allahabad during the past three years of his stay in the city. One of the first such celebrations had been at the Coral Club.