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“ A clean mirror gives a good image. The pure heart reflects the Divinity of God; for even though He is everywhere at all times, He is always on the search for a pure heart that will reflect His Divinity, even as a clean mirror provides a good image. He cannot be seen by the naked eyes; He cannot be revealed by Science or Philosophy; He is found neither in the mountains nor in the depths of the oceans. He is found reflected in the clean mirror of a pure heart.
“Such a heart must not be torn by desire or hatred, nor must it be besmirched by the dirt of this world; it must be free of pride.
“It must be so pure as to attract the Creator and make Him look into it again and again and thereby adopt it as His own, and decorate it by His reflection.
“Such a heart gains from the Lord the greatest gift that the Lord can give–the Lord Himself.
“It is only the spotlessly white that may be coloured to perfection.”
And thus it was that slowly and surely, with Shri Nathji’s help, Priya Nath was able to complete the English translation of Shri Nathji’s masterpiece: “Daivi Kirne” which would one day go to enlighten the whole world. It was later published in India in 1973 under the title: “The First Rays of Dawn”.
The amount of satisfaction that Priya Nath derived from translating Shri Nathji’s book was indescribable. He had passed many an examination in science and obtained many a first class in his subjects but nowhere had he found the sense of fulfilment, which he found in translating “Daivi Kirne”.
Truly had Shri Nathji said that when one does any work for God the work itself becomes a reward because of the amount of happiness it gives.