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Shri Nathji celebrated June 23 at Savitri Nivas Mussoorie as in the earlier years. His divine light was shining as brilliantly as it had ever done in the years before. There was his powerful sermon, as new and as enlightening as ever, enriched by the new experiences of his devotees.
He spoke of Bhutt’s promotion to the rank of Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh and of the welcome Bhutt had given him at Jabalpur, where he had come barefooted on the railway platform to receive him. In particular he spoke of Bhutt’s telegram that had said: “Thousands pranaams for your servant’s promotion.”
It was only humility and reverence that could draw the Grace of God. Shri Nathji often recited this verse, which was the voice of a devotee who had recognised God’s infinitude and his own littleness before Him:

Maanaa tamaam khalk se too be-niyaaz hai
Teraa niyaazmand hoon ye mujhko naaz hai

Thou art indifferent to the entire Universe, I know,
But I depend upon Thy Mercy, and that is my only pride