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As the days passed by, Shri Nathji wondered whether Priya Nath could attempt translating “Daivi Kirne” into English. Priya Nath had never carried out any translations of Hindi books before and was worried whether he would be able to do it. He translated a few pages and showed them to Shri Nathji, who was more than delighted by the effort.
At that time in Mussoorie, there was an American Professor in the Languages School at Landaur who had translated Shri Nathji’s pamphlet, “Shanti Sandesh”, into English, calling it  “A Message of Peace”. The four-page masterpiece contained everything that a man had to know about spirituality.
Bhutt Sahib had often said to Shri Nathji: “Prabhuji, aapne iss pamphlet men duniyaa ko sab kuchh de diyaa hai! You have given everything to the world in this pamphlet!”
A gramophone record had been made of the writing in Shri Nathji’s own voice in 1937 at Calcutta by His Master’s Voice. Shri Nathji had presented a record to Mahatma Gandhi when he had visited Benaras Hindu University.
Priya Nath had been very impressed by the English translation of “Shanti Sandesh” by the Professor, and invited him to meet Shri Nathji and to look at the translation he had done of the few pages of “Daivi Kirne”. When the Professor saw the translation that Priya Nath had done, his face lit up with happiness and he said to Shri Nathji:
“Sir, please let him continue the translation. He is doing a beautiful job. Look at this sentence where he has written: ‘Such a heart receives from the Lord the greatest gift that the Lord can give–the Lord Himself!’ It has been wonderfully translated from the original. No, I don’t think I could do a better job.”
Priya Nath had carried out a word to word, sentence to sentence translation, trying very hard to not to lose the spirit of the original Hindi work which was beyond compare. The page the American Professor had read was the English translation given below for the 6th of January: