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The days flew by rapidly in the strange contraction of time that Shri Nathji had imposed upon himself, and very soon it was time to bid goodbye to Mussoorie again, and to return to Allahabad, where the boys were to join B.Sc. Part II at Allahabad University.
As Pran Nath did not take kindly to the presence of Jodh Singh, the man was not engaged as a servant this time, and the family went to Allahabad without a servant.
Jodh Singh wrote to Shri Nathji in later days, telling him how his life’s ambition to become an army man had found miraculous fulfilment, and how in every success in life he saw the hand of Shri Nathji working. He begged forgiveness for any mistakes he may have inadvertently committed. He carried Shri Nathji’s photograph always with him as the mainstay of his existence and prayed to it whenever in want or need.