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As always, the flood of people continued to come to Shri Nathji for his darshan and blessings. Amongst those who came to him at Allahabad was Shri Jagdish Prasad Srivastava who was the vice-principal of C.M.P. Degree College. Shri Nathji had been very pleased with his devotion ever since he had offered to go to Benaras to seek admission for Pran Nath, if he so desired. However the occasion never came. But Shri Nathji was pleased with the man’s bhaavnaa –the spirit behind his devotion.
Shri Nathji always placed great emphasis on ‘bhaavnaa’, the spirit within a person, which was generated by real devotion.
He had once said to Bhutt Sahib:
“Bhutt Sahib if I ask you to bring a crore of rupees do not say ‘no’ even if you don’t have the money. Run out in search for it, and when you cannot find it, return to me and say you tried, but you didn’t succeed. At least that way you will have obeyed my orders. It is in the spontaneous desire to obey the Divine Will that real bhaavnaa lies!”