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There was a time when Shri Chaman Lal had come for Shri Nathji’s darshan and had to be at his duty that very day. As soon as Shri Nathji found out about this, he said to Magoo in a tone that was almost an order:
“Chaman Lalji, issee vakt train men charr jaaen aur duty par pahunch jaaen!Chaman Lalji board the first train you can get and attend to your duty at your station!”
Shri Chaman Lal knew that the next train from Allahabad did not stop at the station where he had to attend to his duty.
However, he could not set aside the order of his Master, and immediately boarded the first train at Allahabad. The train went to the next station, and was passing swiftly through it, without stopping, when suddenly a bolt came loose somewhere, and the entire train had to halt perforce. It was the station where Chaman Lal’s office was located.
Chaman Lal got off at the station and joined his office. He knew it was a miracle of Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji would narrate this incident later in his sermons and extol Chaman Lal’s faith while stressing the importance of explicit obedience to the Master’s order even though it appeared incongruous to the mind.
In later days, Chaman Lal became so absorbed in the thought of Shri Nathji, that his life became a virtual intoxication in divine bliss, and he would be willing to serve Shri Nathji day or night in any manner that he could. He would sing a Punjabi bhajan he had composed on Shri Nathji:

“Tan man dhan apnaa vaar deyaan
Apne Radhe-Nath payaare te”

My body, mind and wealth are meant
For the sake of my Beloved Radhe-Nath

Another bhajan that he had composed began with the words:

“Teraa naam liyaa dukh door kiyaa meraa Daataa
Berraa paar lagaa de Vidhaataa

I took Thy name and Thou made my troubles vanish,
Take my ship across, O my Saviour”