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These are the days when Shri Nathji gets up from bed and dresses to receive a devotee who comes daily with flowers. It is Laj Pat Rai Khanna bringing the food every day.Mere Saaki zaraa saa khol de too baadaa khaane ko,O My Saki, open thou the Drinking Tavern,Shri Nathji speaks to Khanna through the small inner window of his bedroom, which opens into the drawing room where Khanna stands, his head bowed in respectful silence on the windowsill and his open hands extended towards Shri Nathji to receive Shri Nathji’s prasaad of cardamoms.Nakaab chehre se khursheed jab utthaave haiWhen the Sun lifts up its veil from its face,The scene ends with Shri Nathji giving Khanna the cardamom prasaad–the elaichis–and Khanna reciprocating by putting a cardamom into the mouth of Shri Nathji and another into the mouth of Priya Nath.