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There is Shri Nathji’s “outing”. Priya Nath and Shri Nathji preparing to go out in a taxi to the city. The familiar sight of Priya Nath leading Shri Nathji by his left hand to the gate of the house, while the home group prostrates one by one–Sudha, Mangla, the Urhekars.“Vo kaun hai jo jaa rahaa maifil ki aaj jaanib,“Who is the Being that goes forth into the world?The rays of the setting sun produce a red glow on Shri Nathji’s face as he sits next to Priya Nath, his turban looking small and tightly wound, like an orange orb of light. Shri Nathji is wearing dark glasses and is in his light brown achkan, white woollen chooridaars and black shoes.“Main aapke saamne hazaaron parde daal kar aataa hoon. Agar ek bhee pardaa sarak jaaye to aap apne aap ko bhool jaayenge!“I appear before you from behind thousands of veils. If even one of the veils were to slip, you would lose all consciousness of yourselves!”